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Marrs Attacks

A Really Cool Write Up From Popdust About My Music Videos

Thanks Popdust. So rad. Full Article HERE

New Video: Avril Lavigne – Rock N Roll

Mother Fucking Avril Lavigne.

New Video: Mika featuring Ariana Grande – Popular Song

Was really stoked to have some fun with set design and styling on this one. Mika owns his character in this sucker. And props to Mini Cooper for allowing me to have some fun with their placement.

New Video: Margaret – Thank You Very Much

Margaret is a brand new artist out of Poland and she rules. So stoked that she was down to make something like this for her first official music video… and she did such an awesome job throughout.

New Video: MKTO – Thank You

Had a lot of fun with this one. LOST fans might notice a handful of easter eggs mixed in because Tony Oller’s partner-in-crime in MKTO is Malcolm D. Kelley, aka… WAAAAALLLLLLT.

Vevo Certified: Britney Spears Talks “I Wanna Go”

Thanks for the swell words, Brit Brit…

New Video: RZA & The Black Keys – Baddest Man Alive

Stoked to have worked on such an awesome collaboration between 2 insanely cool artists. Kudos to the cast and crew. Good times…

New Video: The Wanted – I Found You

Had a blast in London again with this one. The Wanted were awesome. The crew was awesome. Good times.


Went to London to direct the new video for The Wanted IFound You.

New Video: Eric Turner Vs Avicii – Dancing In My Head

Had a lot of fun making this one. One of my favorite responses so far… “I’m disgusted and intrigued at the same time…”

VH1 Pop Up Video: The Black Keys – Tighten Up

The Pop Up Video for The Black Keys ‘Tighten Up’ is probably my favorite one so far. They definitely had fun with it…

I Wanna Go: First Britney Spears Music Video Certified 100M Views

‘I Wanna Go’ has officially become the first Britney Spears music video to reach 100 million views online officially certified by Vevo. After the many years of being a fan of hers it’s awesome to have directed the vid to first reach this milestone for Brit Brit. Thanks again to the cast and crew for […]

MVPA: 6 Nominations Including Director Of The Year

This Thursday night is the Music Video Production Association Awards Ceremony and I’ve received 6 nominations. THE BLACK KEYS – HOWLIN FOR YOU | Director Of The Year, Best Direction Of A Band, Best Rock Video BRITNEY SPEARS – I WANNA GO | Best Direction Of A Female Artist, Best Pop Video KE$HA – BLOW […]

Thank You Dodge College of Film And Media Arts

On Friday May 18 2012, my alma mater, Chapman University Dodge College Of Film And Media Arts, awarded me with Alum of the Year aka the Ron Thronson Distinguished Alumni Award. It’s a pretty rad token of acknowledgment to receive and I’m honored and stoked to have been recognized. The night didn’t go off as […]

Alum Of The Year

My alma mater Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film And Media is honoring me with Alum of the Year at their annual Cecil Awards. Really really cool. I’ve always been a fan of my days at Chapman. A lot of my regular team is made up of fellow alum, too. Good times. Thank you to […]

Marrs Attacks Music Video Memorabilia Giveaway Winners Announced!

Well I’ve done it… I’ve finally done it.  I’ve chosen the winners for my first music video memorabilia giveaway.  It was super difficult to decide the lucky bunch so the process ended up taking a whole lot longer than I had planned.  But alas… I think I found myself a pretty swell bunch of fans […]

Entertainment Weekly Best of 2011 – Ke$ha ‘Blow’ Music Video

The super cool folks over at Entertainment Weekly included Ke$ha’s ‘Blow’ music video as part of their Best Of 2011 list and asked me to write up a little diddy (anecodote about the video, as opposed to a small version of the hip hop mogul) about how the concept came together.  Check out the article […]

‘Howlin’ For You’ Makes The Viewfinder List 2011

The Viewfinder List is a collection of short films, music videos, and ads that are voted on by “studio executives, producers, and creatives” to highlight filmmakers.  This year my Black Keys video for ‘Howlin’ For You’ is amongst the chosen ones.  Nice.  High five to everyone who worked their asses off on this vid.  Find […]

Britney Spears – I Wanna Go – FUSE #1 Video Of 2011

The votes are in and Britney Spears “I Wanna Go” has been chosen as the #1 video on FUSE for 2011.  Heck yeah.  And Ke$ha “Blow” is #9.  Very rad to have two videos in the top 10.  Huge thanks to the cast and crew that worked on both of these suckers.  Check out FUSE’s […]

Announcing The Marrs Attacks Music Video Memorabilia Give Away

Announcing The Marrs Attacks Music Video Memorabilia Give Away

I’ve kept items from all of my music videos as cool mementos from each one. A little bit into this year I decided I would start holding onto several items in anticipation for a big ol give away for fans to get the opportunity to own one of them.  I woulda loved to own something […]

Go Frame By Frame With Me And MTV For Britney Spears “Criminal” Music Video

Go Frame By Frame With Me And MTV For Britney Spears "Criminal" Music Video

MTV News caught up with the director, Chris Marrs Piliero, who opened up about casting Trawick and the video’s use of guns, leading us through the clip frame by frame. FULL STORY HERE Make sure to watch the music video HERE before watching the Frame By Frame… Get More: Music News

Interview With MTV News About Britney “Criminal” Video – Part 2

Interview With MTV News About Britney "Criminal" Video - Part 2

When Britney Spears hit London to shoot her “Criminal” video, she caused quite a stir. The singer immediately was criticized by local officials for her use of a gun in the sexy, crime-fantasy clip. Spears addressed the issue, shrugging off the controversy, and this week, fans finally got to see what all the fuss was […]

Britney Spears – Criminal

Loved making this video. Huge props to the super rad cast and crew out in London that helped make it happen. Britney Spears – Criminal Enjoy…

Interview With MTV News About Britney “Criminal” Video – Part 1

The idea to include Trawick in the video was all Britney’s, but director Chris Marrs Piliero wasn’t sure he was so into it. “When she first hit me up, she had a basic story in mind, and she actually always originally planned to have Jason, her boyfriend, play the role, and I wasn’t super stoked […]