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Hot Damn, We Did It!!! The Black Keys “Tighten Up” Wins MTV VMA Breakthrough Video!

So ummmmmm… we did it.  We actually did it.  The video I directed for The Black Keys “Tighten Up” won the MTV VMA for Breakthrough video! Let this be a lesson to all… REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY ACTUALLY WORKS! Can’t say thank you enough to everyone involved… (in no particular order) Tom Biery, Tom Osborn, Devin Sarno, David Bither, Liz Lewis, Lisa Deluca, Melissa Cusik, Carla Sacks, Mary Moyer, John Peets, Ryan Harrington and everyone else at the labels and management… Kelly Norris Sarno, Johnathan Lathan, Jeff Butcher, Rob “Smitty” Smith, Brien Justiniano, Diamond Dave and the rest of the great crew… the very amazing kids, Sean Dorrity, Anthony Doqaj, Daniela Matei… MTV!!! of course (I still remember being a kid and watching “Thriller” and “Take On Me” on MTV and thinking one day it would be rad to be a part of all that)… and especially Dan & Patrick, The Black Keys (seriously guys, so stoked to share the win with such an amazing band… thanks for trusting me and my random sense of humor).  It’s an insane moment… extremely epic… and a huge honor.

Last night was a pretty damn amazing night.  It was my first time attending the VMAs and it was as much fun as I thought it would be… actually, it was a lot more fun than I imagined because the Loge section had free food and an open bar (SUCK IT ORCHESTRA SECTION!)  Craig Robinson was roaming around and I gave him a pat on the back and we toasted to the hilarity that is him and his roles in The Office and Hot Tub Time Machine.  My cell phone died during the show (and they didn’t announce the category at the show), so I actually didn’t find out till the afterparty… but I went insane when I found out and I may or may not have let out a few drops of pee from the excitement.  I got to share some of my celebratory time with Aziz Ansari, who is one of my favorite comedians, so that was rad.  So yeah… it was an f-ing amazing night and I’m so stoked right now.  To be recognized in a category that previously featured winners like Spike Jonze and Michele Gondry in the directing chair is unreal and doesn’t even make sense, but I’ll freaking take it dammit!

Thanks to everyone for the support… and a special shout out to my Grandma who pretty much since I was a little kid was confident she’d live to see me win a big award (which is ironic, because she’s legally blind now), so kudos Grandma… you were right!  It’s unfortunate they didn’t broadcast my category (not that I would have been up on stage accepting anyway), but since she can’t really see, I’ll just watch a rerun with her and pretend I’m on screen: Yeah Grandma, that’s me accepting the award right now.  I’m the one wearing a dress made out of meat…

So yeah… even though it’s such a cliche saying, if you put your mind to something, I guess you really can accomplish anything.  That being said, now that I’ve tackled this dream, it’s onto the next one… becoming the first black president.  I think I can do it…  Wish me luck!

  • brittanysmom

    i sat thru that whole damn show waiting to see you get your justs….DAMNMTV…DAMNYOUANYWAY….whew….seriously, i did not even get up to pee once (and that takes some restraint, my friend)…again…focus…YEAHYIPPIEYAHOO….I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!!! you r the mfing bomb…you talented little italian hand job you…wahoooooooooooooooooooooooo….many more to follow…and, thanks for NOT wearing meat on your meat!xxxxu

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  • JennaAH

    YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME. I love the Black Keys, this video is spectacularly well done, and you guys deserve it. Congratulations.

  • marrsattacks

    thanks for holding in your pee brittanysmom… even though it never broadcast, i'm sure that withholding of urination has something to do with me winning…

  • marrsattacks

    thanks jenna! you rock my face…

  • Mikedaeley

    HELL YA!

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  • Tabby

    The nerdy-looking one, Anthony, is my friend (: Known him for 2 years, and he's 13 now. He was 12 when he did the video.

  • RL

    I would like to congratulate Ryan Harrington, personally, for managing you guys and sticking around, showing his confidence in your music and performance.
    Ask him to e-mail: