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In Case Ya Missed It – My Appearance On NBC’s Parenthood

Here’s my clip from Parenthood. I had a lot of fun shooting this sucker. It was a really different experience solely being in front of the camera after all these years of being the one behind it. The cast and crew were all very rad and it was super cool sharing my acting debut with Craig T Nelson (Coach!)… really awesome guy. And they even let me sneak in my own line at the end… heck yeah. Later on in the episode Craig’s character talks smack on my mohawk and my piercings. Ha… so rad. Thanks Parenthood! Damn good times!

  • Veronicagonzales24

    this is freaking awesome!!! congrats marrs

    oxox Vron

  • Wendy Mumolo

    Let me guess- the “give my heart an erection” line was yours

  • Wendy Mumolo

    Let me guess– the “give my heart an erection” line was yours. That has you written all over it haha.

  • Cmarco305