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Marrs Attacks Music Video Memorabilia Giveaway Winners Announced!

Well I’ve done it… I’ve finally done it.  I’ve chosen the winners for my first music video memorabilia giveaway.  It was super difficult to decide the lucky bunch so the process ended up taking a whole lot longer than I had planned.  But alas… I think I found myself a pretty swell bunch of fans I’m stoked on handing over these suckers to.

The rules were simple: Follow me on Twitter… Send a tweet… And then email me why you should win.  I wanted to make sure I was giving these items to fans who would be stoked to own and take care of them so the winners were judged strictly on whether or not I thought you should win.  Unfortunately I don’t think I did a good job promoting this contest to Cage The Elephant and A Day To Remember fans because the submission level was really low and I just wasn’t convinced by what the entries had to say so I am holding onto those items and might include them in another giveaway later on (sorry!).

And no, Susan Boyle has nothing to do with this giveaway but I’m just a big fan of what a big fan she is of giving “thumbs up.”

So yeah… Without further ado… Congrats to the winners!

The Broken Camera goes to Victor from Guadalajara, Mexico
The Storyboard goes to Edgar from Mexico City, Mexico

Vanilla Candle goes to DeWayne from Virginia, USA
Vanilla Candle goes to Daniel from Florida, USA
Storyboard goes to Débora from Portugal

Storyboard goes to Nick from Wisconsin, USA

Robot Arm Jesus Wall Mount goes to Rosco from Colorado, USA
Movie Poster Print goes to Bill from California, USA

Ex-Girlfriend Photo goes to Alex from the UK

Ball of Yarn goes to Chandler from Florida, USA

Giant Heart-Shaped Box goes to Andrea from California, USA
Bouquet of Faux Roses goes to Stephanie from California, USA

Take care of the memorabilia!  They mean a lot to me.  Again, on behalf of myself and Susan Boyle (not really)… thumbs up to ya and huge congrats!

To everyone who entered… you are all über awesome.  It was really tough figuring out the winners because so many of you are worthy fans.

  • Slayers83

    Oh sad.. I didn't win somethin' about Britney video. Too bas.
    Congrats to winners!!! :)

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  • Bill Bennett

    i'm so honored to be chosen i cant even put into words…BIG THANKS to chris for sharing so much of his mementos !!!

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  • Dbfan93

    I'm soooo happy!! I haven't been able to go online but now im back and i saw the winners!! SOOOOO HAPPY!

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  • Victor Casillas

    Still rockin with my camera :)