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Marrs Attacks: The Black Keys “Tighten Up” Nominated For MTV VMA For Breakthrough Video!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter than you already know this news, so yeah… The video I directed for The Black Keys TIGHTEN UP is nominated for an MTV VMA award for Breakthrough Video.  Can’t tell ya how freaking amazingly awesome cool this is.  There’s a simple charm to the video that I hoped audiences would connect with and that seems to have happened and it’s the raddest thing ever.  This is my first video to have a nomination so it’s an uber big deal… ever bigger than when I met Mr. T… even bigger than when I shared a french fry with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and we both happened to be wearing the same hat (though, I was the only one cool enough to be sporting a Bart Dude T-shirt).

Who knows if it’ll win and who knows if/when it’ll happen again, sooooooo… I wanna give major props to Jeff Butcher who DP’d it and to the whole crew and the awesome little kids who starred in it.  Kudos to the management and the label for being such rad peeps… and most especially I wanna give a freaking huge-ass thanks to Dan & Patrick… The Black Keys… for digging my idea and giving me the gig.  And ummmm… when I was a kid it honestly was a dream of mine to be nominated for an MTV award, so yeah, this is pretty damn cool.  Thanks, MTV, for the nod.  You’re pretty swell in my book.

Watch the video HERE

  • Amber Tsuchida

    Whoa dude, congrats! That's so badass. Hope you win

  • brittanysmom